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One of the hottest growing trends in the field of cosmetic surgery is the use of patient’s own fat with the associated stem cells to augment or correct areas of deflation.  As noted in last week’s blog on fat injections to the breast, Dr. Sullivan is a pioneer in the use of this technique and has over fifteen years of experience working with patient’s own fat/stem cells.   Further, he has performed literally hundreds of facial rejuvenation procedures utilizing this technique to correct areas of facial deflation and improve the overall facial contour.  Dr. Sullivan has found fat injections particularly helpful in contouring and filling in areas of deflation around the chin and jawline. This technique has helped produce a more artistically balanced and enhanced appearance. Dr. Sullivan is also excited about using this fat injection technique to treat circles in of the lower eyelid region and hollowing in the upper eyelid area. Fat injections can also help with deflation in the lips, alleviating some of the deep wrinkles that occur between the lips and the cheeks. When discussing this approach to facial rejuvenation we often find patients have some of the same concerns and questions regarding this procedure; therefore, in this blog we hope to address the most common concerns and educate everyone about the enormous benefits Dr. Sullivan has found from using his fat injection technique.

1. Where does the fat come from?

Patient’s fat, with the associated stem cells, are most commonly harvested from a patient’s own fat deposits around the belly and thighs.  Using a fine canula, the fat is injected to correct areas of facial deflation through placing tiny threads of the patients own fat underneath the skin. It is placed like a honey comb so the fat cannot move around.

2. How long does it last?

Dr. Sullivan has found that his technique has improved longevity over other facial filling techniques such as Juvéderm and Voluma.  Many patients whom have had fat injections to the facial region come back to us years later only to express how thrilled they still are with their rejuvenation results.  As demonstrated in the photos below, fat injections have been proven to last many years.  Normally, one treatment of fat injections with this technique is enough.

3. What are the additional benefits of fat/stem cell injections?

One of the main benefits of utilizing one’s own fat, as opposed to synthetic fillers, is that you are utilizing your own tissues therefore reducing the risk of complications.  Further, Dr. Sullivan and his team have found that through utilizing patient’s own fat/stem cells their overall facial contour and skin luminosity is improved.  Patients who have undergone this procedure often notice an improved brightness and smoothness to their skin.

Pt 1513 Pre (2)   Pt 1513 1 yr (2)   PT 1513 3 year (1)


Pt 1513 Pre (1)  Pt 1513 1 yr (1)  PT 1513 3 year (2)


Pt 1513 Pre (3)  Pt 1513 1 yr (3)  PT 1513 3 year (1)

The above woman, in her forties, came to us to address her concerns over the frowning appearance around her mouth and concerns expressed over a weak jawline.  She also was interested in chin augmentation.  Her treatment involved: mid-face; lower-face and neck rejuvenation as well as fat injections to improve the shape and artistic facial balance.  The patient’s own fat/stem cells were used to augment the chin area and smooth out the overall facial contour.  The above photos show the patient before surgery and the results at her 1 year post-operative appointment and her 3 ½ year post-operative appointment.


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