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Cosmetic Bootcamp® is a spectacular multidisciplinary meeting with some of the best minds I have encountered.  It will be such a terrific experience to return again as an invited faculty member and speaker at the upcoming The Cosmetic Bootcamp® in Aspen, Colorado from July 7th – 10th.  This will be my third year participating in this very stimulating conference. Founded in 2004, Cosmetic Bootcamp® is an organization that offers collaborative educational resources, new information, and technical advances that are shared in a collaborative setting.  The Cosmetic Bootcamp® offerings include educational lectures, mentoring, and research and is open to physicians and their staff that specialize in Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery.  This educational forum is a unique way to exchange ideas about our incredible aesthetic industry.

Dr. Mary Lupo is a founder of the CBC and chairing this year.  She has been a huge contributor to the field of dermatology, a superb doctor, educator and an inspiration to us all.  She is the person who introduced the CBC to me and I am so grateful to her.

As a selected faculty member and speaker, I will be discussing advanced ways we can perform face lifts with the addition of fat injections to fill in contour abnormalities as well as ways to remove fatty deposits around the mouth, jowls and neck.  We will especially emphasize the planning and artistry that is necessary to give a beautiful natural enhancement.  This year I will be doing some special dissections to demonstrate the anatomy of some of the new surgical treatments and how to perform injectables more effectively and safely.  Stay tuned for a re-cap after Cosmetic Bootcamp®.





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