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Earlobe contouring in Rhode Island is a surgical procedure that aims to enhance the shape and look of your earlobes. It is most often done as one part of a face lift / facial rejuvenation process. Because the ears frequently change size and shape significantly as one gets older, the earlobe contouring procedure is very well suited for many patients undergoing facial rejuvenation.

What is earlobe contouring?

Earlobe contouring is a surgical procedure performed to address the size, shape, and overall integrative appearance of the earlobes. Itâ€s especially suitable for older patients with elongated, overly prominent, or asymmetrical earlobes. The surgery is an outpatient procedure with permanent results that look very natural and require minimal recovery or downtime. Incisions are hidden so no scars are visible.

Candidacy for earlobe contouring

Ideal candidates for earlobe contouring in Rhode Island are persons currently dissatisfied with the general appearance of their ears. You may want an earlobe contouring to address age- or trauma-related concerns, such as stretched or asymmetrical earlobes. And if youâ€re not sure what the exact issue is, you can contact Dr. Sullivan to better understand your cosmetic concerns and determine the ideal solution.

Patients desiring earlobe contouring should:

â— Appreciate what their ears look like now as compared to more desirable ears
â— Have realistic expectations for the procedure

Your earlobe contouring consultation with Dr. Sullivan in Rhode Island

Your earlobe contouring procedure starts with a personal consultation with Dr. Patrick Sullivan usually while you are consulting for a face lift/ rejuvenation. During your consultation, Dr. Sullivan reviews your medical history, discusses your cosmetic goals, and examines your earlobes. He determines if youâ€re a good candidate for the procedure and curates the ideal treatment plan for your specific needs.

Dr. Sullivan believes in personalized treatments—he carefully listens to your concerns to create a highly personalized earlobe contouring plan. He also discusses your treatment options and explains everything you should do to prepare for the procedure. If you have any questions or concerns, youâ€ll be able to get them clarified during your consultation.

What can I expect from the earlobe contouring procedure?

Earlobe contouring is an outpatient procedure performed under anesthesia . Youâ€re sedated for the procedure, and you wonâ€t feel any pain or discomfort. Dr. Sullivan makes marks around your ears to serve as a guide in surgery. The specific details of the procedure and the techniques used vary from one individual to the next, depending on your specific cosmetic concerns and goals.

If you want an earlobe reduction, the surgeon may use the peripheral margin reduction method to cut out specific lengths of earlobe tissues and width as well to construct the ideal length and shape. However, regardless of your goals, Dr. Sullivan will strategically hide the incisions and use stitches to close the earlobe, creating a balanced and harmonious ear.

How soon will I recover from my earlobe contouring?

Earlobe contouring involves minimal downtime and will not prolong your facelift recovery. The sutures will be removed in a follow-up session in less than one week.

Why Choose Dr. Sullivan?

Dr. Sullivan is a board-certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon with over 25 years of experience and 10,000 cosmetic surgeries completed. He has carefully studied how ears and earlobes age. He published a study of over 200 ears he studied with his team and demonstrated how ears change over time. He has devised a superb procedure to rejuvenate earlobes and optimally improve the shape and contour. Dr. Sullivanâ€s also designated in the Top 1% of Americaâ€s Plastic Surgeons by Castle Connolly. He listens to you carefully and curates the treatment according to your individual goals to ensure results that adhere to your specific expectations. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sullivan to discuss your earlobe contouring goals.

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