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Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan—our board-certified plastic surgeon—believes good skin care is an important component of our overall treatment plan for facial rejuvenation patients. Whether you are a surgical patient or just interested in a good skin care regimen, there are a variety of skin care products and treatments available to help revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. Remember, good skin care and regular use of sunscreen can help you look and feel your best!

Our skin care products:

Neova Skin Care


Developed in Geneva, this innovative new brand is currently the only product on the market to use cross linked hyaluronic acid technology to increases skin’s absorption of the product through creating a mesh like hydration matrix that sits on top of the dermis.

Many, many thanks for your gifted hands and your artful surgery. My results and recovery are remarkable. Your post-operative care was comforting and most reassuring. The massage and skin care appointments were uplifting, fun, and a very nice service you offer your patients. You have a kind and professional staff. They obviously enjoy working in your office and helping patients – like me – feel unrushed and happy with treatments offered.

Name omitted for patient privacy

Our peri-operative procedures include:

Glytone Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Glytone peels utilize unique acid solutions to treat a variety of skin conditions. Each Glytone medical grade peel package is purchased as a set and is uniquely formulated to address your skin care concerns. We offer the following types of Glytone medical grade chemical peels:

Post-Surgery Ultrasound & Lymphatic Massage

Following facial rejuvenation surgery some patients experience swelling and redness during the early days of their recovery period. As a courtesy to these patients, we offer both Ultra Sound with B5 Gel as well as Lymphatic Massage. Use of ultra-sound low frequency sound waves helps to relieve swelling and inflammation. Vitamin B5 gel aids with tissue repair while also adding moisture back into the healing skin of the face and neck. A lymphatic massage is a light massage technique that encourages lymph flow. This technique is used to help drain puffiness, swollen tissues, support the immune system and help the patient heal from their surgery.


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