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Male Neck Contouring/Lift Gallery

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If you have, generally, taken good care of yourself—eaten well, worked out—and are proud of your appearance, the signs of aging can be very frustrating.  Some of the first places men see the passage of time is in the loss of elasticity of the skin in the neck area, along with fatty deposits and loss of jawline definition.

This can produce turkey wattle, hanging jowls and a double chin creating less-than-appealing effects:

Any of these can easily affect not only your confidence and social life but your advancement in the workplace-especially if there are signs of premature aging that belie your true chronological age.

There Is More than One Type of Neck Lift

There are numerous types of neck lifts that we perform based on each personâ€s individual concerns and their unique anatomy. There are significant differences in the incisions as well.

Not all Neck Lifts are Created Equal 

One type of specialized multilayered neck lift we offer has the incision hidden around the hairline of the sideburns. It is then carried around the ear in a way to hide the incision, and it ends camouflaged in the hairline at the back of the head. Before the skin is contoured with any extra removed, any excess fat is removed or redistributed. This may require targeted removal of jowls and fatty deposits. Occasionally, another incision will be made just under the chin to remove the extra fat.

Next, the platysma muscle may be addressed. The platysma muscle is one broad, thin sheet of muscle that extends from the collar bone, up the sides of the neck and over the lower jaw. It depresses the lower lip and causes the ridges in the neck when the jaw is clenched.

It is the removal or redistribution of the fat and the contouring of platysma muscle, if needed, that allows for creating a more youthful, defined face and neck contour. After this is completed and a terrific contour obtained, the excess skin is removed and the area carefully sutured under NO tension.  We want the scars to be invisible.

It is all the work we do at the deeper layers that enables us to get such a significant enhancement, and yet, natural results.

A Limited Neck Lift

A limited neck lift involves smaller incisions around the ear. It is for smaller, more limited problems and thus is a smaller procedure.  It is appropriate for younger patients who are seeing the early signs of aging but may still have terrific skin elasticity.

Recovering from a Neck Lift

NO Post-op bandages will be needed on neck or face.  You will be given oral medications to reduce the swelling and bruising, as well as reduce the possibility of infection at the site.

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions, but the three main things to know are:

Recovery generally takes two weeks, but additional time is needed for complete healing.

Who is a candidate for a neck lift?

You are a candidate for a neck lift if you are:


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