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Board-certified plastic surgeon Patrick K. Sullivan, MD and our team care passionately about helping individuals and families both locally and internationally. We believe it is our job to make a difference in the lives of the people around us as well as the many who are less fortunate.

We are honored to help children who were born with birth defects. It has been particularly exciting to use the experience we have gained and the techniques we have developed doing cosmetic surgery to help children with cleft lip, palate, and craniofacial abnormalities. For example, we are using fat injections containing the childrenâ€s own fat cells, just as we do with adult patients, to help reshape their faces at birth with areas that are missing or deficient.

Helping trauma victims when we are on-call at Rhode Island and Hasbro Hospital (RIH) has certainly given us other opportunities to assist locally. RIH is a level one trauma center, and this distinction brings in patients from not only Rhode Island but Massachusetts and Connecticut as well. Though our specialty is aesthetic surgery, we use our knowledge to assist those who have been injured through accidents, assaults, and those who may have other plastic surgery emergencies.

Here are a few organizations that we have vetted and are passionate about. We invite you to check them out and consider joining us.

Rhode Island Community Food Bank


We are so grateful for everyone’s wonderful contributions that helped to reach our goal of raising  $25,000 which we matched for a total of $50,000 donated to the community foodbank to help with the coronavirus relief efforts.

Please join us in supporting those who desperately need our help. We will match your donation
to support the Rhode Island Community Foodbank. Thank you so much.

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Edesia is a remarkable non-profit organization started by Navyn Salem that produces specialized and nutritious packaged foods that change lives all over the world. Started in Providence, Rhode Island in 2009, Edesiaâ€s “miracle packets†leave a local factory in Quonset Park in North Kingstown and are shipped to malnourished children across the globe. We know Navyn well and are incredibly impressed with her, her passion, her commitment and her unique organization. UNICEF, the World Food Programme, the US Department of Agriculture, and the US Agency for International Development are some of the organizations that Edesiaâ€s products are distributed to.

YearUp Providence

YearUp Providence was introduced to Rhode Island by Paul Salem, which is an intensive educational training program for low-income adults. The one-year program involves the ability for young individuals to receive college credits, internships with some of the top corporations and businesses in the state, and receive work development skills to be successful in the classroom and in the workplace. Paul Salem has helped create an incredibly vibrant program here and is also centrally involved in making this a key program nationally, as well.

The Red Cross War Memorial Childrenâ€s Hospital

The Red Cross War Memorial Childrenâ€s Hospital in South Africa is dedicated to childrenâ€s health, and it is the countryâ€s only institution dedicated to pediatric services as well as a training ground for health professionals. We are so impressed by the commitment, passion, and expertise of the plastic surgery chairman, Saleigh Adams, MD, as well as the leadership in pediatric surgery and Cape Town University. We invite you to read our blog about trying to make a difference for children in Cape Town, South Africa.

AMREF Flying Doctors

AMREF Flying Doctors is a non-governmental organization headquartered in Nairobi where physicians from all parts of the world volunteer their time and expertise to work with Flying Doctors. These volunteering physicians also have the opportunity to share and exchange procedural and developments practices in emergency care. Read about Dr. Sullivan and his volunteer work in southern Africa with AMREF Flying Doctors.

Center for Resilience (formerly ResilientKids)

Giving back to the community has always been integral to Dr. Sullivan, his team and the practice. All throughout Dr. Sullivanâ€s career, he has taken his masterful techniques and concepts in cosmetic plastic surgery and used them to help those in need, particularly children.

Center for Resilience (formerly ResilientKids) is a wonderful non-profit organization started in Providence, Rhode Island by Vanessa Weiner to teach the importance of mindfulness to young individuals in schools.

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