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Our patients†care and well-being is our #1 priority!  We do everything to try to make sure our patient care team is the best in the world.  I recently blogged about my incredible team of nurses (The Best Nursing Team In The World) and I wanted to share another one of our services that we provide in order to give you the best expert care possible – Our Nursing Concierge Service (NCS).

Our Nursing Concierge Service is extraordinary. We want our patients to be completely happy, relaxed, confident and comfortable before, during, and after having a plastic surgery procedure with us.  We want to take care of you and we will go beyond your needs in order to do this.

After a plastic surgery procedure, patients often return to the comfort of their own home or a wonderful Rhode Island hotel to fully recover and recuperate.  However, they still require attention from our expert medical team of nurses.  Our Nursing Concierge Service was born out of our desire to serve our patients at the highest level.

My highly experienced team of nurses and caregivers are here to provide you with the expertise that we want you to have.  Three of our caregivers have been on our team for over 15 years.  Each patient’s needs are unique and we try to be as accommodating as possible. They make house calls, they can stay with you at our recovery center, at your home, or even take care of you at a hotel, if you prefer.  The team and I are here for you.  We want your recovery to be easy and comfortable – with great care and support.  We want you to have the best recovery after your procedure so you can return to your normal daily routine – feeling great, refreshed…and simply amazing!

Want to learn more about our amazing Nursing Concierge Service? Please feel free to contact us anytime at 401.400.4222.


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