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Aging: What can you do?

Stress makes a big difference. Is that a factor in your life? It is a fact of life: We start aging the minute we are born. As we age, our bodies and mind mature and we begin to have expectations about how we look, feel, and what our purpose in life is – for ourselves and for other people.

Life evolves as we mature – growing up from being a baby to an adult, becoming independent, becoming parents, working your way up in the professional world.  All of these factors take a toll on our bodies. So, what does one do? As we age, we take notice and we begin to take better care of ourselves – eating right, getting enough exercise, getting a good nightâ€s sleep, buying beauty products to make us look younger, and even have plastic surgery.

Our society today is so consumed by beauty or ‘miracle†products that help us look and feel younger. Recently, social media has played a big role on how we see ourselves – in almost in a self-absorbed kind of way. The emergence of the ‘perfect†selfie is everywhere. With all of this, we have become critical of ourselves and of others. We see how we have changed, grown, and aged in time.

Everyone ages differently and at different rates.  Stress makes a big difference.  There also are genetic factors that can be powerful.  People begin to see their parents when they look in the mirror.  What makes us all so unique is that we care about ourselves both physically and professionally and how society views us  – we need to.  It is very competitive out there.  I have many patients who want to transform themselves but want their physical changes to be as natural as possible.  Women who have had children, for example, are visiting our office for a mommy make-over or the over 30 crowd come in for injectables such as Botox or Dysport to help with their wrinkled foreheads or crowâ€s feet, and the over 50 patients come in because of the demands of a more than ever competitive workplace. With our over 60+ patients: some feel they are at their peak and they want to keep functioning at their peak both professionally and socially. Or, they may be retired or semi-retired and want to extend their youthful feelings. Our patients have often worked hard to stay in shape. They feel healthy and youthful.  So, why not have their face match?  All of these examples are some of the ways people want to improve or transform their lives. Ultimately, the changes that take place with aging are here and it is not going away.

We are so fortunate to experience this on a daily basis at my practice. Helping people transform their lives is such a great pleasure…Either through neuromodulators or through plastic surgery, our patients come to us so we can help them with this aging process with confidence and more importantly, with grace.



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