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This is a wonderful young woman who was interested in having a “mommy make-over.†She had noticed changes that had taken place with pregnancy both in her abdomen and in her breasts. Our goal was to lift and enlarge the breasts to a size and shape that more artistically matched her very nice physique. We chose to place the implants under the muscle to make it easier for her during her annual breast examinations and mammography. She also wanted to have her tummy addressed as her pregnancy had caused significant changes to the laxity of her tummy tissues and skin. She had gotten herself back into being in wonderful shape and had done everything she could. She was now prepared for a “mommy-makeover†and we were delighted to help her with what she could not do herself.

Both having children and breast feeding are absolutely wonderful things. However, there can be changes that take place to the breast through the engorgement of the breast tissue and the subsequent deflation that occurs after the pregnancy and breast feeding has come to an end. These are issues we can address through augmentation of the breast tissue and lifting of the breast with removal of excessive skin, when it is needed. We are always looking to ensure the most beautifully artistic result while matching the patientâ€s individual physique and ensuring their safety at all times. All breasts are asymmetric and considered sisters rather than twins. Some breasts are more asymmetric than others and we certainly take this into account with each individual treatment. We also are careful to consider the size and shape of the implants that are used as well as the amount of lifting each individual needs. Incisions are hidden as much as we possibly can. We also use special postoperative dressings to help minimize the scar tissue.

“He wants to make you as beautiful as you could lookâ€

It is interesting because I had gone to a couple of other places, and everyone [kept telling me], “go bigger, go bigger,†you know? Dr. Sullivan just looks at you and he knows what your body size is. He wants to make you as beautiful as you could look. Thatâ€s what I loved. We discussed sizes, but I didnâ€t really know. What size I was going to be, or what size I am. Actually, Iâ€m not really even sure yet. I havenâ€t even bought a bra yet. It looks natural. It doesnâ€t look like I have fake breasts. They look real!


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