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In our last blog post, we discussed how Dr. Sullivan often recommends a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation for cosmetic, financial, and pragmatic purposes. As promised, weâ€ve elaborated on each of the three benefits below.

Artistic Balance

Through years of experience, Dr. Sullivan has found that a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation generally yields the best patient results. For example, lifting the tissues that have become lax around the mouth, which lead to a frowning or sad appearance, can bring that excessive skin into the upper cheek and crowâ€s-feet region leaving this skin bunched up and looking abnormal. Facial areas and anatomy are all intertwined. Therefore, addressing one specific area will undoubtedly affect another. At the very least, a contrast will be created, much like the patient from our previous blog post experienced between the upper and lower regions of her face. By addressing all areas of concern at once, everything on the face matches artistically, which leads to the most natural-looking results. Our goal is always to provide our patients with the most natural looking aesthetically harmonious result possible.

Cost Efficiency

Addressing one area of the face and then later realizing another area needs attention can be costly. Since anesthesiologists and operating rooms charge by the minute, patients who receive two (or more) separate surgeries to address their concerns are generally going to end up paying more than patients who only make one trip to the operating room for an inclusive surgery that comprehensively addresses their concerns.

One Recovery

We find that when patients do their rejuvenation piecemeal, they tend to be happy with the first area but notice another area that now stands out. This often leads to them coming back and having a second surgery. When this is the case, patients have to go through two separate recovery periods, rather than just one if all procedures had been performed at once. Most of our patients lead very busy lives, so one stint of downtime versus two is often the more practical option.

As long as it is safe and will not leave the patient looking surgically altered, Dr. Sullivan employs the surgical plan the patient desires, be it a solitary procedure or a combination of many. He has the utmost respect for how inclusive patients want their rejuvenation to be because the point, as he says, is ultimately to make the patient happy.

Below is a video clip from one of our recent facial rejuvenation patients who recently experienced this approach to comprehensive rejuvenation. To see this patientâ€s before and after photos please click here.

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“The Artistâ€s Eyeâ€
When you meet Dr. Sullivan, you just realize that he is looking at you from an artistâ€s eye. He approaches everything so particularly. He is looking at you and he is just measuring…and he tells you about everything that is possible. He gives you the whole gambit of what he can do for you. You know what you want and you know what your priorities are. I knew what really bother me and what I could afford to do at the time. So thatâ€s what I did. I set up a date for surgery for that particular issue that I wanted fixed, and he did it. I love it!â€


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