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Denise is over two years post surgery using silicone implants. She is a 43-old patient who was concerned about the size of her breasts and wanted to having something that better matched her frame.

We chose silicone gel-filled implants (286 ccs) to fit with her desired size and the size and dimensions of her breasts.

An incision was made in the underarm area in order to hide the incision in a natural crease.

The implants were placed under the muscle in order to give optimal visualization with mammography and also in an effort to give the most natural shape possible.

Q: Do you like your results?
A: I love my results. I am so glad that I had it done. I wouldnâ€t change a thing.

Q: What prompted you to have this type of surgery?
A: An acquaintance that had this surgery done by Dr. Sullivan. She actually showed me hers and I thought she looked fantastic. I was worried about my age, though, because I had just turned 40 years old. I didnâ€t even know if someone at my age could have the procedure done — that was my main concern. I didnâ€t like the looks of what I was seeing — one of my breasts was a little bit lower than the other — and I wanted a change to make me feel better about myself. I was nervous but I really wanted to do this for myself.

Q: Has anyone commented on your breasts since the surgery?
A: Oh my God, yes! Everybody thinks I look great. It wasnâ€t a drastic change in size but just enough for people to remark on how good they look. My husband is very happy! I am so happy and I wouldnâ€t change a thing. It was a wonderful experience, actually. Everybody at the office was so nice.

I just recently had my physical with my family doctor and she told me that [my breasts] look so natural; she wanted to see my scars because she couldnâ€t find any on the breasts. When I showed her the incision underneath my arm, she still couldnâ€t find it! For a doctor not to be able to find where the actual scars were is unbelievable. Until she really looked, she couldnâ€t find them. She was very impressed. For her to be impressed — wow, that made me feel so good. I have seen some breasts, like in Easy Rider magazine, that look so fake and unnatural.

Q: Are there any suggestions/comments that you would like to share with patients considering this same type of procedure?
A: I would recommend doing your research. Really look into it and get references. The references I got for Dr. Sullivan were really good, and I was able to see the results of some of his other patients — and the results looked fantastic.

Q: What was your recovery period like?
A: I had it done on Friday and I was back to work on Monday. I had to wear the band and a loose sports bra, but I wore a loose shirt. I was on a relaxant initially but I didnâ€t really need any of the pain medication. For me, sleeping was probably the hardest part because you need to sleep on your back and remain elevated. It was really the only kind of discomfort that I had. There was a little bit of bruising; it was a little sore under the arm, but it wasnâ€t bad at all.

Q: Would you do anything differently?
A: For me, everything went very smoothly, so there isnâ€t anything that I would do differently.

What I liked about Dr. Sullivan is that he picked out the [implants] that he thought I should have in the book. He didnâ€t just hand me a book filled with different sizes; he told me what he thought would look the best.

We live over an hour away and it was worth taking the time to travel up here to see Dr. Sullivan. He is a wonderful, wonderful doctor and I would recommend him to anyone.

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