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Q: Are you happy with the results of your breast augmentation surgery?

I could not be happier with the results, the whole entire process actually. From my first visit, to my most recent visit (the 6 month checkup) and everything in between. The results have helped me to feel I “got my body backâ€.

Q: Has anyone commented on your breasts since having breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, my family and friends have all said I look great. The best part is how I feel though, I knew if I was unhappy it would not matter what anyone else said or thought. That is why it was so important for me, that if I was going to take this step that it would be with the best plastic surgeon in the country. I am a perfectionist and would have traveled anywhere to receive the care that Dr. Sullivan provides.

I feel grateful that he is in my own city.

Q: Are there any suggestions/comments that you would like to share with patients considering breast augmentation surgery?

Ensure that you will follow the guidance and instructions of Dr. Sullivan and his staff. I followed them to the letter and do not even have any visible scars. My results are pure perfection and I do believe that each step along the way contributed to that (as an example, I needed to wear tape along the incision line for several months after the surgery, I wore it until the exact day they told me to stop). It is important to trust them.

I pride myself on being a very educated patient, I research and investigate until I am 100% comfortable with a physician. Dr. Sullivan and his staff exceeded my expectations with their level of caring, guidance and Dr. Sullivanâ€s amazing skills.

Q: What was your recovery period like? How long before you went back to work?

When I woke up in the recovery room, I looked down and almost shouted (with excitement) “Look at me! I did it!â€. Soon, Dr. Sullivan was at my side, asking how I felt and telling me that everything went perfectly. After a quick drink and snack, I was in the car and my husband was driving me home. That night I stayed propped up on the couch and rested, watched T.V. and took my medication. I saw Dr. Sullivan the next day and he told me that everything looked great. I went back home and continued to follow the directions I was given. I only took the pain medication for 24 hours and switched to Tylenol.

I did ask my husband to help me get into a standing position from lying down for 2 days, the assistance helped me feel more comfortable.

I had my surgery on a Tuesday and returned to work the following Monday. That first day entailed getting a 3 year old ready for daycare, commuting in an hour, a 9 hour work day, picking up my son and commuting home. I was a bit tired, but that was all, just a little run down feeling.

Q: Would you have done anything differently?

The only part I would change, if I were to go back in time, would be to have done it earlier. I was unhappy for 3 years before I began to seriously consider plastic surgery.

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