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We celebrated our amazing team at the wonderful Bywater Restaurant in the lovely town of Warren, Rhode Island. I am so thankful for the incredible team that makes our practice so special for our patients. This team effort truly transforms the lives of all of our patients.  Each our team members – from the office to the operating room to the private recovery center plays an integral part in our practice and for our patients. Our #1 goal is to provide the best care possible anywhere in the world and our team members work together every day in an effort to accomplish that goal.

This celebration of our team also was an opportunity for people to connect with other team members who they may not see on a daily basis. Having so many of us together at Bywater made it possible for everyone to eat, drink, and mingle in a very fun, relaxed, and festive environment. The afternoon was enjoyed by all. Thank you to our amazing team for your passion to give the very best to our patients and your dedication to do it every day!

Here are a few of the pictures of those who attended whom we were honored to have with us.


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