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Listen to this patientâ€s perspective of her Chin Augmentation with Dr Patrick K Sullivan.

(Dr Sullivan) What was the first concern that brought you to us?

(Patient) I felt that I had a receding double chin.

(Dr Sullivan) And how long have you known about that?

(Patient) When I was 8 years old actually, I went to my Grandma and said, ‘Grandma, I think I want to get my chin fixed somedayâ€. And I expected her to say, ‘Oh honey, youâ€re perfect and beautiful just the way you are.†But she said, ‘Yeah, we can probably work on that.†So thatâ€s when I had confirmed for me that no, I was not as pretty as I would like to be, and that maybe there was an option of getting your chin fixed.

(Patient)I feel very lucky that I found Dr Sullivan. I donâ€t think there are many people in the world that could have done what he did. I am just amazed that this has happened for me.

It took a lot of trust to be willing to undergo such a procedure, but he reassured me every step of the way. He explained that all I would have to tell people is that I lost weight and that that would work. I was so scared, because it was such a big thing and you couldnâ€t even really google this procedure. But I trusted him and it was the best decision I ever made.

(Dr Sullivan) Wow, thank you! So how has it changed your life?

(Patient) I have more confidence. I feel more attractive. I think that my new face, my new chin represents who I am and how I feel more than the old one. I just feel a lot more confident, more happy moving around in the world.

(Dr Sullivan) Wonderful, I am so happy, that is exactly what our goal was. Thank you!

(Patient) Thanks.


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