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This fall two of our talented nurses received additional certification from the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board. We would like to take this time spot light the achievements of these two fantastic nurses: Maureen Dolan BSN, MSN, CANS, our certified injector, and Jill Chipperfield BSN, CPSN a member of our surgical nursing team. Maureen received her certification as a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and Jill received her certification as a Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse. They are two of only a handful of certified nurse specialists practicing in the North East.

The importance of certification in the field of plastic surgery cannot be overstated. As noted in our earlier blog entitled The Importance of Certification, “there has been a rise in cardiologists, oncologists, and emergency room physicians performing plastic surgery procedures without the proper board certificationâ€. Although it is not required for nurses working within the plastic surgery field to receive the same level of certification as plastic surgeons, Dr. Sullivan strives to ensure his patients are receiving the best care possible and supports the further education and certification of his team members.

The Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board was first established in 1989 with the mission of encouraging and promoting a high standard of excellence in the field of plastic surgical nursing. They encourage and recognize that education, research, and clinical practice in a plastic surgery environment are necessary for plastic surgical nurses to attain highly developed skill sets. This board provides professional recognition of the achievements of nurses dedicated to this aesthetic specialty.

Jill Chipperfield is currently only one of two nurses in Rhode Island to attain certification as a Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse and Maureen Dolan is only one of two nurses in the North East to attain certification as a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. Let us all congratulate these fantastic nurses for their time and dedication to this specialty.

For more information on the importance of nursing certification please read: American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) position statement on RN Certification

Jill & Maureen ASPS RN BLOG 12-16-13


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