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Cosmetic Bootcamp® is here – the aesthetic multidisciplinary meeting and educational forum will be held in Aspen, Colorado from July 7th – 10th.  It is such a pleasure to be invited for a 3rd year as a faculty member and speaker at this extraordinary international event.  Cosmetic Bootcamp® has one of its founding members Dr. Mary Lupo chairing this year. Dr. Lupo first introduced me to CBC.  She is a well known educational contributor to the field of dermatology.  The Cosmetic Bootcamp® offerings include educational lectures, mentoring, and research and is open to physicians and their staff that specialize in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Otorhinolaryngology.  This collaborative educational forum is an ideal way to exchange ideas about the latest aesthetic treatments from all over the world.

Though it may sound strange I am particularly excited to be demonstrating specialized treatments at The Cadaver Head Dissection Course which will be held on Thursday, July 7th from 2:30pm –  5:00pm.  I was invited to discuss the advanced ways we can perform facelifts with the simultaneous addition of fat injections to fill in contour abnormalities.  This combined treatment is such an important way to truly rejuvenate the face and neck and at the same time improve the contours of the face.  Our goal is always to give a beautiful natural appearance.   I will also demonstrate ways to remove fatty deposits around the mouth, jowls, and neck.

I also have been asked to present our experience in the area of Neuromodulators, Filler Safety, Fat Compartments, and Neck.  I intend to emphasize the importance of careful individual planning of each treatment and artistry that is necessary to give a beautiful natural enhancement.

CBC also asked me to moderate a newly added segment this year on the Silhouette InstaLift™.  This is a minimally invasive treatment I have been very excited about as my patients have really appreciated the results.  That, of course, always makes me happy.  I will be emphasizing the importance of choosing the right patient as not everyone is a good candidate.  I will also be sharing some of the nuances of the technique as certain ways of performing the treatment make a big difference in the end result.

Stay tuned…I look forward to sharing a recap from this yearâ€s Cosmetic Bootcamp® after the meeting!



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