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The Demand for Plastic Surgery Is Booming Despite an Ongoing Pandemic. Why?

Amongst the widespread health crisis, this hasnâ€t slowed the demand for injectables and plastic surgery procedures. In this Allure article, Dr. Sullivan and others were asked why patients continue to seek elective cosmetic treatments amid the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Dr. Sullivan says that “everyone from local politicians and professionals to Hollywood actors seeking surgery far from the paparazzi’s prying lens. In the past few months, he tells me, his schedule has been revised countless times due to borders opening and closing, but his patients — many of whom book surgery on the heels of virtual consultation — are utterly undeterred, flying in from as far as Asia for discreet face- and neck-lifts.â€

The article also states that “In Sullivan’s practice, the surgical “concierge” experience — the added perks, as it were — has been carefully COVID-ized. Beyond the standard protocols in place in his office and OR, his team ensures that the hotels where patients recover are COVID safe and even vets their food deliveries.â€

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