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This is a wonderful woman who was concerned about her jowls, her neck, and the deep crease between her chin and jawline. This especially bothered her when viewed from the side. She also felt that she had a “sad†appearance and was concerned about deflation in various portions of her face. There was a collection of excess tissue around the jowl area and neck region, as well as a fullness that was present in the neck area. Her face also appeared weighed down by her lower cheek region and this led to her having a frowning appearance.

We planned a procedure which would remove the areas where fatty deposits were present in the face and neck region. We would then fill in the areas of deflation around her chin area, in the deep creases and in the folds. The tissue that had become lax over time would then be lifted. In summation this patientâ€s procedure consisted of endoscopic forehead and temporal rejuvenation; middle and lower face rejuvenation with a multi-layer neck lift; removal of fatty deposits in the face and neck region; and fat injections to the face, lips and jawline.

Her healing was delayed post-operatively due to prolonged cell phone use. She had the phone resting up against an area of her ear on the left side. We believe this contributed to some hair loss in the region, as her other side healed beautifully without any hair loss. The thinning hair reappeared over time; however, it is important to note the potential problems that can occur with postoperative cell phone use. We suggest our postoperative face patients use speaker mode when talking on the cell phone and avoid placing the cell phone close to their face in order to prevent this problem from potentially occurring.

“Donâ€t make a decision without seeing Dr. Sullivan!”
Donâ€t make a decision without seeing Dr. Sullivan! The attentiveness and his time that he spends with you, not to mention his skill, and everything that I have learned…what he did for me and how he did it is so advanced that I would refer and everybody to him.


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