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Dr. Sullivan Lectures on Fat Injections in Facial Rejuvenation

Rhode Island plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Sullivan will participate in a panel discussion at the upcoming Plastic Surgery 11 conference sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). While he says it is always exciting to attend an event such as this, Dr. Sullivan says presenting his surgical results and research, in the discussion titled “Aesthetic Improvements of the Upper Lid and Orbit by Volume Expansions: Fat vs. Fillers,†is a stimulating experience because of the potential impact these successes can have on the future of plastic surgery.

At Plastic Surgery 11, the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Dr. Patrick Sullivan will present his latest research and surgical results concerning the placement of fat injections in the upper eyelid to address common aesthetic signs of aging in conjunction with facial rejuvenation and the facelift procedure. “We have done a great deal of research on safe and effective methods for placement of fat injections into the upper eyelid region. This has greatly benefited our patients, and the satisfaction rate is very high, which is why I am excited to share this information with my fellow plastic surgeons at the ASPS conference.â€

The main session panel is titled “Aesthetic Improvements of the Upper Lid and Orbit by Volume Expansions: Fat vs. Fillers,†and is important to Dr. Sullivan for several reasons. “Part of our goal has been to optimally rejuvenate and artistically contour every part of the face. Thus we want to fill out the sunken eye and hollowed out appearance that sometimes occurs with age. We proved in our laboratory that this could be done anatomically by expanding certain areas of the eyelid safely.â€

Despite the concern patients commonly express regarding the appearance of deflation in the eyelid region, Dr. Sullivan says very few surgeons are addressing the problem because of the void of information concerning how to safely and effectively treat the area. While the problem may be also treated by injecting synthetic dermal fillers, Dr. Sullivan says he prefers to use the patientâ€s own fat, as it tends to be well tolerated in the eyelid region, while providing a comprehensive facial rejuvenation. “Because we are using the patientâ€s own fat, there is no chance for an allergic reaction or rejection. We are, of course, extremely careful working around the eye. Armed with our knowledge of the anatomy and the technique we worked out extensively in the laboratory, we have been able to avoid complications in our patient series. We have been very happy with the fat survival over time using this technique in our patient series.â€

About Patrick Sullivan, MD, FACS

Dr. Patrick Sullivan is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Providence, RI. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at Brown University. Dr. Sullivan specializes in cosmetic facial surgery procedures, such as facelift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery, designed to subtly enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of his patients. He is a prolific publisher and maintains a rigorous international lecture schedule presenting his findings for facial rejuvenation and a range of other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Sullivan is also Chief of the section of Cosmetic Surgery in the Department of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Sullivanâ€s plastic surgery practice is located at 235 Plain St. Suite 502 Providence, RI 02905. The practice can be reached at (877) 435-FACE, or online at or



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