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Last week, Dr. Sullivan participated in a live online radio interview with KC Armstrong of Women’s Radio Network.  In the interview, pasted below, Dr. Sullivan discusses his unique approach to cosmetic surgery which focuses on natural appearing enhancements with the aim of helping each individual to look the best they possibly can. After looking at Dr. Sullivan’s before and after pictures on the website,  KC Armstrong, from the Women’s Radio Network, called Dr. Sullivan “the Michael Jordan” of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sullivan prefers a specialized boutique approach to patient care, prioritizing safety and patient satisfaction.  Rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ approach towards aesthetic surgery, Dr. Sullivan describes his artistic approach in which he crafts an individualized plan to achieve the most natural results for each of his patients.

Listen to the interview here:


For example, during Dr. Sullivan’s facial rejuvenation consultations we ask the patient to bring in photos of themselves at a younger age.  Dr. Sullivan uses these, as well as his discussion with the patient, to craft the ideal plan in order to help restore that patient’s looks to a time when they were more satisfied with their appearance.  Dr. Sullivan’s approach is one that focuses on artistically turning back the hands of time in order to restore a more youthful appearance and avoid an overly operated upon appearance.   As Dr. Sullivan discuses with KC, many individuals come to our practice looking to erase the signs of aging that may lead them to appear tired, sad, or irritable when they are not.   Dr. Sullivan has seen how the perception of tiredness and irritability can negatively impact an individual’s confidence both personally and professionally.   Through providing his patients with the most up to date and cutting edge advancements in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sullivan hopes to help restore the feeling of inner vitality that many of his patients may have lost to aging.

To this end, one of the most recent techniques that Dr. Sullivan is utilizing, in both face and breast patients, is the use of fat injections including their own stem cells.  In the interview, Dr. Sullivan discusses with KC how he is able to harvest fat from a patient’s own body and then use this fat to correct areas of deflation in the face and breast.  This technique has been particularly helpful in restoring volume to the face, lips and cheeks as well as being instrumental in the correction of asymmetric breasts.

Dr. Sullivan also stressed his focus on patient comfort and safety.  KC discussed with him the differences between IV sedation, which Dr. Sullivan’s prefers to use, and general anesthesia.  Dr. Sullivan describes how during each of his surgeries an MD anesthesiologist is present to keep the patient safe and comfortable throughout the surgery as an added step to ensure patient safety.  As Dr. Sullivan noted, he prefers the use of IV sedation which allows the patient to be gently put to sleep and then awakened at the end of the procedure without intubation or a respirator.  Many of our patients wake following surgery to ask, “Have you started yet?” only to find the surgery is already over.

For more information about Dr. Sullivan and his unique patient centered approach, or to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 401-831-8300.


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