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The ALPHAEON Beauty Eyelash Serum – A Latisse Alternative

Thinning eyelashes are a part of the natural aging process. As we age, follicles from our lashes can slow or stop producing new lashes; they lose volume, become sparse and even become brittle. The ALPHAEON Beauty Eyelash Serum – a Latisse alternative was developed to hydrate and condition your lashes, resulting in the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes. The hydrating and lightweight lash serum comes with an applicator brush; it allows you to glide the product at the base of your upper eyelids once a day. It is fortified with peptides and biotin to help stimulate hair growth and prevents lashes from becoming dry. The serum also contains pumpkin seed extract and hyaluronate which helps nourish, condition, and moisturize your lashes. This serum is easy to apply and has no side effects, such as discoloration.

After eight weeks, 80% of patients saw an improvement in overall lash appearance and 72% agreed that their lashes looked thicker and less sparse.

Rhode Island plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Sullivan is staying on the cutting-edge of advanced cosmetic enhancement treatments by offering this innovative serum for eyelash growth.

Please contact our practice and try ALPHAEON’s Beauty Eyelash Serum today to experience longer and fuller lashes.


Developed by Allergan, Latisse makes it possible for you to accentuate the appearance of the eyes without completely relying on eyelash curlers and mascara. A topical prescription product that you can use at home, Latisse is composed of a solution that has been clinically proven to improve thickness, darkness, and growth of eyelashes. Latisse is to be applied daily over a period of about four to eight weeks. Once you have attained the results you were hoping for, Latisse can be applied less frequently. Many patients experience the best results of Latisse after about 16 weeks of use.

Patients with certain allergies and other conditions may not be candidates for Latisse. Some patients may also experience side effects including darkening of the skin, redness, and irritation. There may also be potential for increased brown iris pigmentation after using Latisse.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan will explain all aspects of eyelash enhancers to you, including risks and benefits, and will evaluate your candidacy for treatment upon your initial consultation. Please contact our practice to see if you might be a candidate for these effective new cosmetic enhancement treatments.


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