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Patient 10



This is a woman who was concerned about looking tired. She was especially bothered by the puffiness of the lower lids, the circles that she feels makes her look tired, and the excessive tissue in the upper lid region. She was concerned about scarring and wanted to make sure that her eyes looked very natural after surgery. She felt that her eyes had been a very beautiful feature for her.


Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Procedure Notes:

We treated her with a procedure of the lower eyelids, hiding the incisions on the inside, so there was no visible external incision. Puffiness was removed. The circles under her eyes and the soft tissue loss in the upper cheek region were very successfully treated with fat injections carefully placed in the areas of deficiency.

She also had a temporal lift in order to make sure there were no visible incisions in the upper lid when the excessive soft tissue was removed with her upper lid blepharoplasty.

She progressed very well in her recovery and this is her appearance post-operatively.


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