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One of the most common concerns patients have in regards to a facelift is, will they be left with a visible scar?

Using our specialized multilayered targeted SMAS facelift, there is no direct tension on the skin as the lifting and contouring is done at a deeper level than traditional facelifts.

Dr Sullivanâ€s goal in performing any facelift is for the incisions to be completely imperceptible. Scarring can be extensive in a poorly-performed procedure due to placing too much tension on the skin, as the facial skin is pulled too tightly.

We frequently see patients come into our office who have had poorly performed facelifts. Patients often choose them because they are cheaper, however in many of these cases, there is nothing we can do to help them.

The importance of choosing the right plastic surgeon for your facelift cannot be overstated. It is one of the most important decisions of your life because many facelift deformities cannot be corrected. Nearly every plastic surgeon will claim they strive for the most natural results, however taking the time to view the doctorâ€s actual patient before and after photo gallery is imperative to ensuring he or she is justified in making this claim.

Dr Sullivanâ€s hundreds of satisfied patients†before and after photos prove his highly developed proficient skills in aesthetic surgery. Visit his photo gallery to discover his unique and world-recognized ability and talent to achieve incredibly natural-looking enhancements.

Further, watch the below patient speak about her incisions after her facelift.



(Dr Sullivan) We did your facelift, how do you feel about your incisions?

(Patient) I think my incisions look great!

(Dr Sullivan) Good. Have you had any problems styling your hair or anything?

(Patient) Not at all

(Dr Sullivan) Good. So you can wear your hair back any way you would like?

(Patient) Yes.

(Dr Sullivan) Wonderful, good. How about your jawline? What do you think of that?

(Patient) I think my jawline is wonderful!

(Dr Sullivan) Good. What do you think of the overall improvements of your face?

(Patient) Overall theyâ€re awesome


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