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This is a transcription of a 56 year old patient who is a medical professional that came to Dr Patrick Sullivan with concerns about facial wrinkling, sagging skin and her overall progressive appearance of aging. Here is her story after her facial with rejuvenation with Dr Sullivan:

 “It has changed me tremendously, tremendously. I have so much more confidence in myself since Iâ€ve had this done.  More than I ever thought to be honest with you. Iâ€m not somebody that ever thought that I was attractive in any way, and now I just, I feel so confident in myself.

I saw my friend Brenda for the first time on Friday night in a couple months, weâ€ve been busy with different things.  And I walked in and she said, ‘Wow, you got a great haircut, love your haircut…†So as we were hanging out a little bit and drinking a couple glasses of wine, I said to her, ‘Do you notice anything else different?†She said ‘No, why?†And I told her what I did. She said, ‘Youâ€ve got to be kidding me.  Oh my god! Good for you.†First thing she said, ‘Where are the scars?†Because you canâ€t see any. Yeah, so she was shocked, actually. Shocked.  

And I actually saw my parents since the surgery.  I hadnâ€t seen them. And they did not say a word. They didnâ€t notice anything.

I look younger, I donâ€t look tired. I notice my neck, I look at my neck and I am just amazed.  Because I never thought I could have a neck like this. Iâ€m amazed. So yeah, itâ€s very cool.â€

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