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For many men, the decision to have plastic surgery isnâ€t just about looking younger, itâ€s about feeling better.

No one can relate better to that sentiment than our recent facial rejuvenation patient, “John,†a 60-year-old professional who was significantly distressed by a sagging chin that he said was getting in the way of how he felt about himself, both socially and professionally.

“There were so many different psychological levels from which I was distressed by my sagging chin,†said John, who noted that he was otherwise pretty youthful-looking. “I had this distressing appearance, which would cause some confusion in people who would meet me for the first time, not knowing if I was 40 or 80 [years old].â€

For John, scheduling a consultation with our office was the first step toward addressing something that had bothered him for years. As John shared with us, his primary motivation was “just to feel good†about himself again.

Apparently, John is not alone in his desire to feel better about his outward appearance.  Stats from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal a 14% increase in face lift procedures among men in 2010.

One motivational factor for this increase may be the need to stay competitive in a difficult job market, particularly among those who are continuing to work in lieu of an earlier retirement.  As our patient put it, “there is a need to reboot and reenergize for the second phase of your career.â€

As always, itâ€s important to find the right plastic surgeon, one with whom you can connect and who has the expertise and experience to bring about your agreed-upon treatment goals. Well-done plastic surgery that results in a natural, enhanced appearance can lead to improved self-esteem and, as in Johnâ€s case, more self-confidence.


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