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Here at Dr. Sullivanâ€s office, one of the most common questions our facial rejuvenation patients ask us is “what should I expect in terms of recovery?†In an effort to help future patients and those interested in facial rejuvenation surgery understand and anticipate the recovery process we have prepared a series of blogs outlining the most common concerns and questions our patients ask.  Recovery is always an individualized process that can vary from person to person depending on your own bodyâ€s healing abilities and what type of procedure you choose.

Post surgery it is common for patients to expect some bruising, swelling or tenderness around the surgical area; however, Dr. Sullivan and his highly skilled team of professionals and nurses are dedicated to making your healing process both expedient and comfortable. In this first blog of our facial rejuvenation surgery recovery series we will be discussing what time frame you should expect for your recovery.  We have also included a short video from one of our recent facial rejuvenation patients sharing her experience.

Recovery Time Frame

When considering facial rejuvenation surgery we recommend all prospective patients carefully consider the timing of their surgeries and plan surgeries in advance of any special events or in advance of or following seasons in which they plan to be particularly active.  We recommend full face and neck rejuvenation surgery candidates plan to spend two weeks out of work and social engagements.  During this time of healing we recommend our patients also plan to “unplug†from the busy activities of daily living.  It is best to limit computer screen time though it is okay to check messages if needed.  Dr. Sullivan also discourages the use talking on cell phones during this time due to the delayed healing that cell phone radiation can cause when used in close proximity to the face.  For the high priority calls, a speakerphone should be used.  All facial rejuvenation patients are advised to refrain from high intensity aerobic activities and exercise for three weeks following surgery and to refrain from heavy lifting or yoga for up to six weeks following surgery.  Many of our facial rejuvenation patients plan their surgeries in advance of exciting life events such as reunions or family weddings.  If you are planning your surgery in advance of such an event we recommend you give yourself six weeks of healing prior to the event.  Although your bruising and swelling may be minimal to nonexistent two weeks following your surgery, your face does continue to evolve as the swelling continues to resolve.  Ultimately your healing journey is a personal one that can be affected by many personal and outside factors.  Here at Dr. Sullivanâ€s office we walk our patients through every step of their journey helping to ensure their comfort, satisfaction, and safety.  We are here for you and will care for you no matter how quickly or slowly you heal.

“Recovery was not difficult.  I was never in pain.  Was there some discomfort? Absolutely, but it was nothing I couldnâ€t handle.  It was great to just rest and heal and it wasnâ€t bad at all!â€


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