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Male face lift patients require greater volumes of fat than their female counterparts, according to data presented recently at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons†annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan and colleagues at Brown University reached this conclusion after analyzing data on 37 male face lift patients, aged 33 to 74, who received fat injections as part of their treatment. Dr. Sullivanâ€s team compared the findings with data on 452 female facial rejuvenation patients who also received fat grafting.


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Overall, the study found that male face lift patients required larger volumes of fat in most areas of the face. In general, males required 10% more fat, with certain areas, such as the malar and mandibular, requiring more than 35% greater volumes. Artistic balance and masculine versus feminine characteristics are absolutely key in planning the optimal natural-appearing result, according to Dr. Sullivan. Thus, in the lip area, males required 15% to 19% less fat compared to females.

These findings highlight the unique needs of male and female facial rejuvenation patients. The findings are important, says Dr. Sullivan, given that the amount and distribution of soft tissue in the face plays a significant role in the appearance of aging. “Our goal is to provide each man and woman with a very natural result that preserves and enhances their masculinity or femininity,” says Dr. Sullivan. “Our surgical techniques are both powerful and effective thus skillful artistic planning is paramount.â€


Sullivan PK, Hoy EA, Chang J: Volumes of autologous fat injected in 489 male and female facial rejuvenations: Comparison and guidelines. Abstract presented at the American Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons†Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.; April 2010.


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