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This is a 23-year-old woman who is concerned primarily about her breast size. She wanted to be as large as she safely could be, given her limited breast tissue volume.

You will note how different preoperatively the shape of her right breast is compared with her left breast.

We used 371cc silicone gel filled Natrelle Style 15 mammary implants on both the right and the left breast which were placed under the muscle. We tried to make her breasts as symmetric as we possibly could, given the preoperative differences.

Above are the 2 1/2 year post-operative photos. This patient also brought in her wedding pictures to show us how happy she was with how she looked in her dress. She did look GREAT! After her breast augmentation surgery she shared how she feels more confident now both in and out of her clothes. Further, she shared how she finds it much easier to find clothing that fits and enhances her new physique, especially swim suits.


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