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Facial Rejuvenation, Fat Transfer, Blepharoplasty

Procedure Notes:

This is a 47-year-old professional woman who is concerned about her appearance, which she feels makes her look “stern” or “unhappy” when she in fact is not. Although she is very bright, energetic and happy on the inside, she feels that this “unhappy” appearance is having a negative effect on how she is interpreted socially and professionally. As we got to know this patient, we began to see how incredibly talented, positive and enthusiastic she truly is. However, she said she feels that her “stern” and “unhappy” appearance is causing people to “misread” how she feels about them.

After discussing her concerns and goals in detail, we designed a treatment plan that included endoscopic upper facial rejuvenation with a temporal and brow lift. She opted to have a simultaneous eyelid blepharoplasty, with the lower eyelid blepharoplasty performed via an internal approach (i.e., no external scars). This was designed to take away her eyelid bags and circles. She also opted for lower face and neck lifting, which were particularly helpful in lifting the areas that had become lax over time. Fat injections placed in the deep creases of her face and lips were important additions to her treatment plan, as these injections helped restore the areas that had become deflated with aging. To help in the planning stages, this patient brought in pictures of how she looked in her early 20’s. This helped give us a better idea of the ideal position of her eyebrows and other key artistic facial features and proportions including her lips that were restored with fat injections. The photos helped guide us on how to appropriately restore the areas of her face that had become deflated, to ensure a very natural appearance. This patient’s incisions were carefully hidden around her ears and in her scalp. An endoscope was used in order to limit the incision size and to provide a magnified visualization on a high resolution monitor of her important anatomy so we could perform this sophisticated rejuvenation.


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