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Male Neck Contouring

Patient Concerns:

This is a 65-year-old gentleman who wanted to extend his very successful career running a company. Thus, he thought it would be important to:

  1. address his tired look and sad appearance
  2. decrease the deep wrinkles and lines (he wants to have his face look as smooth as possible)


  1. A multi-layer face lift with sculpting and removal of fat deposits in the face and neck.
  2. Fat grafting from his own fat and injections into deflated facial areas.
  3. Smooth out the deep creases of the chin and neck with the release of the retaining ligaments.
  4. Later, in order to smooth out the facial area as much as possible, Juvéderm was used in the nasolabial folds and in other deep facial wrinkles.

The post operative views are at age 67. He notes that the deep crease in his chin (side view) that was giving him such a sharp demarcation between his chin and his neck has been taken away. He feels this has given him a more normal and youthful contour in his neck area, where he felt he had “lost” his neck as part of the aging process. He said this problem runs in his family and thus appears to be a genetically mediated problem.


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