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Neck Contouring

Patient Concerns:

This is a 64-year-old woman who did not like her jowls, sad appearance of her face, or her “turkey neck.” She said,”I hate my neck and I hate my jowls.”


Dr. Patrick Sullivan’s treatment of her jawline involved removal of the jowls along with fat grafting and fat injections along the area just in front of the jowl and in the jawline behind the jowl area. Fat was removed from the jowl with fine cannula liposuction and a multilayer face lift of the mid and lower face brought the face into a more youthful position. Her neck lift addressed the “turkey neck” (which is platysma muscle banding) through a small incision underneath the chin. The muscles were brought together and a new support sling was developed for underneath the neck through this multi-level approach. Dr. Sullivan’s goal is for the patient to have a very long lasting result from the neck lift.


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