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Breast Augmentation and lifting in a when you are in your fifties.


Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Bilateral Breast Lift

Procedure Notes:  

This is a 56 year old professional woman who was concerned about the small size and increased laxity of her breasts.  Following nursing of her children, she noticed a decrease in breast volume and had wanted to address this concern for several years.  She found it difficult fitting into clothing.  The patient wanted  to have both a breast lift and breast augmentation to achieve a similar look to her breasts as they had looked prior to having children.  

She stressed that she did not want to be too big and did not want it to be noticeable when she walked into a room.
The breast augmentation and lift surgery was performed using intravenous sedation anesthesia avoiding general anesthesia.  Intercostal nerve blocks were used to ensure the surgery be pain free as possible and to keep the patient  comfortable  following the procedure.
Breast implant sizers were used in the operating room to help determine the implant size that would best artistically match the patient’s body proportions and have it be SAFE.  Her right breast was smaller and was augmented using a 286cc silicone gel-filled Natrelle® Style 15 implant and her left breast was larger and augmented using a 265cc silicone gel-filled Natrelle® Style 15 implant.  The implants were placed under the muscle.  Her breasts were lifted using a periareolar incision, a circular incision which traces the edge of the areola to hide the incision. 


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