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Procedure: Endoscopic Upper Face Lifting to remove the hooded appearance of the eyelids with eyebrow lifting to bring up the right eyebrow into a more normal and symmetric appearance, Upper Eyelid Surgery to bring back the more artistically beautiful shape of her eye lids, multi layer mid and lower face lift as I also wanted to help her with the sad appearance that she had around her mouth.
The neck lift and contouring was done by sculpting down fat from both the deep (sub-playsmal) and superficial fat compartments. A whole new support sling was then created bring about this contour.

Patient Concerns:

Aged appearance, tired look around eyes, jowls, and neck laxity.

Doctor View:

I wanted to improve the appearance of her forehead, the asymmetry of her eyebrows, and lift and sculpt her jawline and neck.

Procedure Notes:

Our approach to facial aging is different from the standard facelift. We do a specialized facial rejuvenation that is artistically tailored for each patient. Our specialty is to give each patient a very natural and pleasing appearance.


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