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Lowering of the high forehead, Eyebrow elevation with eyelid surgery, and Laser resurfacing

Patient Concerns:

This 50-year-old woman was bothered by her high forehead. She was also concerned about forehead wrinkles between her eyebrows. She also felt that the excessive laxity of skin around her eyelids and outer eyebrows made her look tired. She wanted to have more beautiful skin with less wrinkles and dark spots.


Her priorities were addressed by first raising the outer portion of the eyebrows and removing some of the extra tissue of the upper eyelid region. I operated on the frown muscles to decrease the wrinkles between the eyebrows that bothered her. The high forehead was lowered by my bringing the hairline down and removing the extra forehead skin via an incision carefully hidden along the hairline. The wrinkles of her face and the pigmentary changes were softened with laser resurfacing.

Procedure Notes:

The wrinkles between the eyebrows have been softened. The appearance of the eyelid and outer portion of the brow has been changed. Fine wrinkles of the face have been softened.


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