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Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants through Underarm Incision with Treatment for Inverted Nipples

Procedure notes:

This 42-year-old woman was concerned about the size and shape of her breasts as well as her bilaterally inverted nipples.

We discussed the breast augmentation treatment alternatives with her and chose an under-the-arm approach in our effort to conceal the incisions.

The breast augmentation surgery was done using intravenous sedation anesthesia (rather than general anesthesia). We used intercostal nerve blocks to have the breast augmentation be pain free, and to keep the patient comfortable after her breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implant sizers were used in the operating room to try to help determine the size that would best meet her breast augmentation goals and yet be safe for her long term. The patient was augmented with 339 cc silicone gel-filled Natrelle® Style 15 implants, which were placed under the muscle (subpectoral) bilaterally.

The inverted nipples were released and expanded bilaterally. DermaMatrix was used to fill in under the nipple area.


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