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Neck Contouring
A 45-year-old woman who saw a side view herself in this picture and resolved to do something about the shape of her neck and her “weak chin”. She wanted to have her chin augmentation, neck contouring, and an improved appearance of her jawline.
The treatment involved: 1) a multi-layer face and neck lift; 2) fine cannula liposuction to the facial fatty deposits; 3) open contouring of the neck including removal of excessive deep fat (sub-platysmal) and superficial fat (pre-platysmal) 4) fat grafting with fat injections to the chin area (12 ccs) and to multiple other areas of the facial region. This fat was harvested from a 2 mm incision near her umbilicus.
At 10 months, there is a notable improvement in the contour. At three years, the fat grafting continues to be maintained as does her neck profile. At 4 ½ years, the patient has maintained this appearance of her face and chin without any additional injections of fat or synthetic fillers (e.g., Juvéderm) in the facial area.


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