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This is a very nice 26-year-old woman who wanted a larger breast size and felt that her current breast size did not fit with her body frame. She shared with us the size she would like to be and we thought this was safe given the amount of breast tissue that she had would be enough to cover the implants. We planned a procedure so her breasts would better artistically match her body frame.

We used heavy sedation during her procedure so that she didn’t hear, feel or remember any of the procedure. We did not use general anesthesia as we feel intravenous sedation is safer and more comfortable.

We also blocked the nerves in her chest area so that her chest was numb during and after the procedure. This leads to much greater comfort in the post-operative recovery period as well.

Silicone gel filled implants were placed under her chest muscles: Natrelle Style 15 371 cc.

This is her appearance 3 years post-operatively. The patient recently shared with us that she had, “a wonderful experience” and feels “more comfortable with my body” and “more confident” overall. She also noted how she loves, “that they look very natural”.


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