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Age: 21
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs. 


Fat injections to breasts,
breast augmentation, Saline implants,
Cleavage augmentation/ enhancement

Procedure notes:

This is a 21 year old energetic, college student that was looking for overall fuller breasts and more cleavage.  Her current bra size was a 34B and her desired bra size was a 34C.  After careful examination and multiple measurements, Dr. Sullivan chose a 270 cc implant for the right breast and a 300 cc implant for the left breast to correct the asymmetry.   The sizing process is important in obtaining a natural look and safety is always a priority.  For this patient, Dr. Sullivan also injected fat to the breast bilaterally to contour the breasts and provide natural appearing cleavage.  This combination of fat injections with the implant is artistically designed to give a more symmetric, enhanced appearance for the patient.  The implant was placed under the muscle using the inframammary fold as the insertion site.  This photo was taken at her one year follow up appointment.


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