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This 45 year old man had concerns about deep nasolabial folds, some facial laxity and deflation of certain facial areas.

He is in superb shape, works out regularly and like many people noticed deflation with loss of volume in certain areas of his face. I performed facial rejuvenation with special emphasis on decreasing the deep nasolabial folds: There is great underlying structure, in the mid face, lower face region so the combination of my special face lifting and sculpting of the tissue was very effective. My multilayered approach that lifts the tissues up into a more normal position restores more youthful and natural features. We always emphasize a natural enhancement.

Soft tissue augmentation using liposculpture techniques was also necessary to address the loss of volume. Fat with their associated stem cells are placed back into areas of the face that benefit from soft tissue augmentation. This was done by placing threads of fat in a “honeycomb fashion” into these carefully marked out areas. This helped fill areas where there has been soft tissue loss in the nasolabial folds, cheeks and jawline.


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