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Breast Augmentation/Inframammary Approach Silicone Implants:
This is a 22 year old college student that came to me after years of wanting larger breasts. Ideally, she stated, she wanted a “c” cup which was challenging given her anatomy.  Her breasts were slightly underdeveloped, giving her a narrow, tubular appearance.  She was able to review plenty of my before and after results and provided me with examples she found desirable which always helps with my planning.

I used 310 cc smooth, silicone, moderate profile implants on both sides addressing both the concerns of size and the shape.  I use the inframammary fold as an entrance point for placing the implants and for closures I used a multi-layer suturing technique that gives support and leaves minimal incisions.  This specialized breast augmentation gave her a beautiful enhancement that both she and I were extremely happy with.


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