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Patient 1



Lower Facial & Neck Rejuvenation with Short Scar Technique

Patient Concerns:

This is a 42 yr old woman who was concerned with her neck. She says that it is an inherited problem that has been in her family as long as she can remember. Her showroom in New York has many mirrors and she said that she had stopped going into the showroom because of the appearance of her neck.

Procedure Notes:

She had a limited procedure to address the inherited collections of fat in the area around her neck and mouth. Limited surgery with limited incisions that ended in the crease behind the ear, with an incison under the chin that gave access for contouring and sculpting of fat beneath muscle (platysma) and fine cannula liposuction of perioral fullness. The close ups of her ears demonstrates the limited incision behind her ear.

She says that now she loves going into her New York showrooms with all the mirrors.


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