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Patient 23



Face lift,
Fat injections to face,
Ear Lobe Contouring,
Upper and lower eyelid surgery,
Forehead rejuvenation.

Procedure Notes:

This beautiful 72 year old came in thinking she was maybe a little too old for a full facelift but wanted to improve her appearance during her retirement years. Her terrific dermatologist tried fillers and Botox but felt that it was not giving the result that either of them wanted.  He thus referred her to us as he has seen many of our results.  She had a few concerns but was especially bothered by her lower face and neck. Dr. Sullivan facial rejuvenation procedure, which included upper and lower face, upper and lower eyelids, fat injections, dermabrasion, and earlobe contouring, addressed all her concerns. She now feels she has a smoother, softer look without looking inappropriately pulled or stretched for her age. These photos were taken at her 1 year follow up surgery.


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