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Patient 25



Neck Contouring

Patient Concerns:

This is a 40-year-old woman who was concerned about her sad and tired appearance especially around her mouth. She wanted to have chin enlargement as well as smoothing out the jawline and neck area.


Her treatment involved a mid-face, lower face, and neck rejuvenation. The extended SMAS lifting procedure allowed us to use multiple planes to lift up the tissue in the cheeks, around the mouth, jawline and neck, without leaving a stretched, unnatural appearance of the skin. The fat grafting using fat injection techniques and liposculpture helped us augment the chin area with the patient’s own fat, harvested from her tummy via 1/16 inch incision in the belly button.

*Note, first set of images are from 4 months post op.  Second set of images are from 3.5 years post op.


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