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Patient 7


Facial Rejuvenation, Fat Transfer: 
A latina woman in her late fifties came to us for consultation.  Her main concerns included marionette lines, jowls, banding in her neck and acne scarring.   She was referred by Garth Fisher, MD a well-known plastic surgeon from California.   Years ago, she had a Lifestyle Lift with limited improvement and it left her with unsightly scarring.  She openly spoke about how reluctant she was to move forward with another cosmetic procedure because she feared looking tight and unnatural.I designed her specialized multilayered facial procedure to include upper, targeted SMAS mid and lower facelift with neck rejuvenation. Fat injections to enhance facial areas were also done; this included a conservative amount of fat transferred into her lips. Here she is just 3 months after her procedure.  She so appreciates the youthful, natural appearance and hidden, imperceptible incisions.


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