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Patient 2



Male Neck Contouring

Patient Concerns:

This is a 47-year-old physician who is on the faculty at a Harvard hospital and needs to return to work soon after his surgery.

He wanted to get rid of:

  1. his stern appearance
  2. his double chin
  3. neck fullness
  4. facial asymmetries with a deepened nasolabial fold on the left side

He does not want visible scars or for anyone to know he has had cosmetic surgery.


    1. Staged fat injections so he could return to work faster.

A multi-layer face lift with contouring.

Release of specific retaining ligaments to smooth out the deep crease in his chin.


Short-scar incision, which stops in the crease behind the ear and does not go back in the area behind the ear that has no hair. Because he likes to wear his hair short, no incision was placed in the short hair behind the ear either. The incision under his chin was camouflaged healed very well.


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