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Dr. Sullivan and his team pride themselves on bringing the very latest and best techniques from all over the world to our patients here in Providence, Rhode Island.  One cutting edge treatment we find to be very exciting is the use of fat injections, both to treat the face and the body.  In fact, Dr. Sullivan has been working with patientâ€s own fat and their associated stem cells for many years now and has performed hundreds of surgeries utilizing this advanced technique to augment and correct areas of deflation.  Dr. Sullivanâ€s expertise in this cutting edge technique has gained significant recognition, just last year he was selected to speak and present as the keynote speaker at the Masterâ€s World Aesthetic Congress held in Marrakech, Morocco on his use of fat injections for facial filling and contouring.

With the arrival of spring in Rhode Island, patients are now thinking about bathing suit season. Dr. Sullivan and his team have therefore been seeing an increase in number of patients interested in utilizing their own fat/stem cells to enhance their breast augmentation results.  Breast augmentation is performed for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: improving the artistic shape to better match a patients other features, to correct asymmetry, or to enlarge the breasts.  Dr. Sullivanâ€s goal is always to provide the patient with natural looking and feeling breasts that artistically match the patientâ€s frame.  In pursuit of this, Dr. Sullivan has found fat injections very useful in correcting asymmetry as well as supplementing lost breast tissue and volume.  Fat and their associated adipose derived stem cells are harvested from one part of a patientâ€s body, usually through a tiny incision made in the belly button, hips and or thighs, and are then injected into the areas of the breast where deflation, loss of volume, or asymmetry has occurred.

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