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PKS Presenting 7-31-15 As discussed in a recent blog entitled, “Dr. Sullivan to Speak at Cosmetic Bootcamp in Aspen, Coloradoâ€, Dr. Sullivan was invited to present a series of lectures at the prestigious annual meeting.  This meeting is dedicated to providing expert training and educational opportunities to both cosmetic and aesthetic physicians from all over the country.   At the meeting, Dr. Sullivan presented two lectures educating the attendees through discussion of his extensive experience with facial rejuvenation procedures.  One of these lectures was entitled, “Is There Such a Thing as a Mini-Lift?†and the second lecture was entitled, “Itâ€s All About the Face-Not the Wobble-The Aging Neckâ€.   Dr. Sullivan also took part in a training program for an exciting new product called Kybella, which is designed to treat fatty deposits under the chin area.  This exciting new product has been approved by the FDA and is being offered by Dr. Sullivan to patients for whom it is indicated.

During Dr. Sullivanâ€s lectures he aimed dispel common myths about face lifting procedures, discussing in great detail the anatomy of the face, neck, and facial fatty deposits as well as why certain surgical approaches lead to a much more successful and naturally appearing result than others.  In fact, his lectures were so well received that multiple doctors and professionals from the Bootcamp felt the need to express their gratitude to Dr. Sullivan.  Dr. Sullivanâ€s extensive knowledge of anatomy was also an excellent resource for other physicians during the Kybella training.  During the training session he was able to advise on how to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for the procedure based on examining each patientâ€s unique anatomy.

An example of Dr. Sullivan’s facial rejuvenation results can be seen here:

Pt 7027 Before & After

Below are just a few of the wonderful things the attendees of the Cosmetic Bootcamp shared on line via ShoutMD about Dr. Sullivanâ€s presentations:

Kristine Romine, MD, FAAD: Oculoplastic Surgeon, Los Angelis, CA

“Patâ€s outcomes are absolutely outstanding-very impressive, natural looking, [and] lovely results.  I will travel across the country to see Pat!â€

Mary Lupo, MD: Dermatologist, New Orleans, LA. Co Chairman, Cosmetic Boot Camp,

“We were honored to have Pat speak.  Great results. Collaboration benefits our patients.â€

“I respect those who daily cut into the neck and see all these fat pads, nerves and other anatomical hot spots.â€

Joe Gryskiewicz, MD: Plastic Surgeon, Minneapolis, MN

“Nice result Pat. Beautiful jawline.â€

“You should have patients lined up around the block with results like that!â€

“Congratulations on your leadership and lectures.â€

Robert Grant: CEO, Strathspey Crowne/ Alphaeon, Newport Beach, CA

“Wow, impressive results indeed. She looks very natural.â€

“Hard to beat a neck lift like that.â€



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