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Dr. Sullivan and his team recently received a very special thank you note from a facial rejuvenation patient of ours who wanted to share her excitement that her surgical result from 8 years ago still look fantastic.   Along with the note she shared with us the below picture which highlights her beautiful jaw line.  This patient was treated with upper and lower facial rejuvenation surgery.  She was also one of the premiere facial rejuvenation patients to receive Dr. Sullivanâ€s innovative fat injection treatment.  This technique, which Dr. Sullivan has honed and refined over the last fourteen years, involves utilizing the patientâ€s own fat cells, with their associated stem cells, and injecting them into the patientâ€s face during surgery. This procedure helps to restore a more youthful, natural appearance.  Dr. Sullivan utilizes the patientâ€s own fat and stem cells to even out areas of volume loss and deflation that naturally occur over time with aging.  Our patients note that after receiving this treatment their skin also appears more vibrant and supple.  Dr. Sullivan has now performed this type of treatment on hundreds of patients and is frequently asked by his plastic surgery peers to speak on this procedure at both national and international plastic surgery conferences.  We are delighted to learn that our patients are still happy with the results of this procedure many years after it was originally performed.

Pt 7655 All In The Neck Photo                                             9-2014 Its All In The Neck TY Note

Hello Patrick:

Itâ€s all in the neck!  This is eight years after you did your magic.

P.S. Iâ€ll be 80 years old this Christmas!



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