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Lip fillers are very effective when it comes to providing volume and plumping your lips. But can a lip flip achieve the same effect? Similar to fillers, a lip flip can provide an inviting, attractively enhanced smile by causing the upper lip to unfurl and tilt upward, but it doesnâ€t provide the same amount of volume that fillers do. Instead of using fillers, a lip flip is done with a neuromodulator (a Botox like substance).

Lip flip details

What it achieves
Enhances the top lip to provide a fuller appearance and beautiful defined cupids bow

How long it lasts
Filler last 3-5 months

What it costs
Prices vary patient by patient, but the cost is significantly less than a filler treatment

Treatment time
About 10-20 minutes

Recovery period
There may be some bruising, but no recovery period is needed

Time it takes to see results
Youâ€ll see the full results in 4-6 days

Lip filler details

What is achieves
Enhances and plumps the lips–augments lip volume, projection and shape

How long it lasts
Fillers last about 6 months to a year

What it costs
Prices vary patient to patient, depending on which filler is used and how much is required, but the cost is significantly more expensive than a lip flip treatment

Treatment time
About 20-30 minutes

Recovery period
Swelling and bruising may be visible for several days

Time it takes to see the results
Youâ€ll see immediate results, but lip fillers may take several days for the fillers to settle completely

What are the pros and cons of a lip flip?

A lip flip has many pros, and some cons as well.

There are many pros when it comes to a lip flip.

What are the cons?
While a lip flip is a highly popular and effective treatment, it does have some cons.

Which is best for me?

Both treatments are safe, short and highly effective. Some patients might consider enjoying the best benefits of both treatments. In that case, a lip flip and fillers can be done during the same treatment. The combined result of a lip flip and lip fillers is more long lasting because lip fillers used in conjunction with a lip flip provides even longer-lasting results than one treatment by itself.

If you plan to make a choice between the two treatments, the best way to decide which is best for you is with a consultation with our specialist at Sullivan Plastic Surgery. Youâ€ll have a chance to discuss your aesthetic goals for your lips, what youâ€d like your lips to ultimately look like, and the pros and cons of each treatment in much more detail.



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