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I have been invited to speak again this year at the prestigious Master World Aesthetic Congress.  MWAC stated in 2012, in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco, with the Marrakesh World Aesthetic Congress, the first international congress dedicated to artistic concepts of beauty and their correlation with 3D anatomic dissection.  This year MWAC will be held in London from April 16-17th at the London Queen Mary University.

This 2-day event will bring together experts from all over the world in plastic surgery and dermatology to share and gather information on the innovative topics on aesthetics, regenerative surgery, and medicine.

Some of the top topics will include:

Artistic Concepts of Beauty –

-The art of reading a face

-The facial mask

Regenerative Medicine –

-Stem cells

-PRP stimulation

-Micro Grafting

-Optimize harvesting

-Fat preparation

-Fat re-injection

Aesthetic Medicine –

-New advancements in Botulinium toxin

-New advancements in dermal fillers

This year, I have been asked to discuss areas of special expertise:

  1. Methods of jawline and neck rejuvenation with face lifting  (the importance of combining a natural enhancement of the face and simultaneous neck rejuvenation that artistically matches the face).
  1.  How combining fat injections and targeted fat removal with face lifting can help give the most natural result. (This truly treats the whole aging process including jowls, unwanted fatty collections as filling areas of deflation with the patient’s own fat cells with their associated stem cells).
  1.  Surgical correction of the lower lid deformities (the treatment of bags, circles and the “tired appearance”).

I look forward to sharing with you new ideas and approaches that were presented in London at the Masters World Aesthetic Congress in an upcoming blog.

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